Spontan.net now offers a new genuine service:


By contacting spontan.net we now offers the possibility of making your own house, office or apartment into a world-class gallery for modern art for a short period of time.

We will exhibit modern art, installations, photography and paintings or do performances in your flat, house, garage, garden or others and we work on all budget sizes.

We can keep most of the apartment as it is and you may decide yourself if you want to invite your friends and neighbours to a Spontan Art Party!

You may buy some of the exhibited art works or you can earn a percentage on a sale to friends and neighbours.

We may use parts of your interior as ready-mades, exhibit photos or paintings together with your family photos or we can consider redesigning the whole location.

Nothing will be on a permanent basis and we will refurnish the place back to its original status after the exhibition.

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